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Our Common Ground and Common Cause
— a Statement from our Board of Directors —

Nearly 40 years ago our organization was founded on the principle of bringing people from diverse communities together in common cause to uplift our beloved Morningside Park - Harlem’s Scenic Landmark.

The recent brutal murder of George Floyd by a white police officer, aided and abetted by three others is a repugnant act, antithetical to all that we stand for. Mourning is not enough. We must take stock and recognize that this murder is just the latest of many, enabled by the institutionalized white supremacy upon which this country was founded.

We are heartened by the enormous outpouring of peaceful protest across this country and around the world. People from all generations, all races, colors and ethnicities, sickened by what they saw, are coming together in common cause to say enough is enough. We proudly add our voice to the masses — #BLACKLIVESMATTER!

The time for platitudes has passed. Let us now turn our collective outrage into action and dismantle this mindset and system borne from hate, fear and ignorance. Every aspect of a society that values black lives less than white must be challenged and dismantled and all who seek to divide us and sow hate must be repudiated, not just with words, vigils, and protests, but at the ballot box.

Today we recommit ourselves to being a part of the solution as we continue our work on behalf of our incredible Harlem community and Morningside Park - Our Common Ground.

In Unity,
The Board of Directors of the Friends of Morningside Park