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To the Editor:

“Art in Residence” (Arts & Entertainment Section, April 14) quotes Lucas Carlson (School of the Arts ’07) as saying “Morningside Park is like the forest in Harry Potter. The students just should not go there”.

As I watch hundreds of Columbia affiliates stream through Morningside Park on their way to and from their daily jobs and classes, joggers and sports enthusiasts working out on the paths and stairs, new and long time residents mingling in the playgrounds and dog run and all of them enjoying the Spring outburst of magnolia and red bud trees, along with the 100,000 daffodils planted throughout the park’s 30 acres, I can’t help thinking Mr. Carlson has his literary analogy wrong. I’d love to show Mr. Carlson around a remarkably transformed park – our not so secret garden.

Brad Taylor
President, Friends of Morningside Park