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Park Location

Morningside Park is located in New York City's borough of Manhattan from West 110th to West 123rd Streets between Manhattan Avenue, Morningside Avenue and Morningside Drive.

Morningside Park is wheelchair accessible from the following locations:

Full Access

  • 113th Street & Manhattan Avenue
  • 114th Street & Morningside Avenue
  • 123rd Street & Morningside Avenue
  • 122nd Street & Morningside Drive

Partial Access

  • 118th Street & Morningside Avenue (playground access only)
  • 112th Street & Morningside Drive (upper region only)

Directions to Morningside Park are as follows:

Directions subway:
Take the A, B, C, D, 1
Here is a map which can be used to give you directions by public transit.

Directions by car: